"You bastard! You’ve farted again. It’s as stinky as poison gas!"
"I’m sorry. I will never do it again."
"No, I’m sure you will. That’s the last straw. You’re fired."
"Oh no~!"
If I do all of these calculations, instead of becoming a math genius, I’ll just lose my mind.
I read an economics book the other day in the hospital waiting room and it was pretty interesting.
As they sang a song that goes, "If I lie, I'll cut my pinky off and drink a thousand needles," they pinky promised to make pancakes on Sunday together.
I think money is more important than love. They often say, "love can move mountains," but in reality you can't do that without money.
My dietary plan is basically to make all of my friends cupcakes. The fatter they get, the skinnier I look.
I went to buy some Valentine's chocolates for my friends, but in the end I only got some for myself.
I saw a man with an aquiline nose pick his boogers and put them in the nostrils of a sleeping man with a short nose.

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