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Sep 11, 2016
PH Adapted Clothing

These are few clothing items adapted from PlayHome.

This pack includes the Monokini Swimsuit and the Sexy Sandals (flat and high heels versions).
Then you have the Sexy Bondage outfit in the original style which consist of Swimsuit, Overskirt (Swimbottom), Leggings (panst), Boots (flat and high heel versions), and Bracelets (Accs Hand).

For more options the Bondage swimsuit has also been divided and changed to work as a Top and a Bottom, so you can match those with other items. Alternate versions of the boots without the laces are available in flat and high heels.Also provided are a new set of custom gloves and new short skirt that match the general look of the outfit.

Although not from PH directly I'm including as a small bonus a new version of Sitris' Concierge Top. For this version the collar and the two back tails of the top has been removed.

All items are standalone so they wouldn't replace anything. All are recolorable except for the Concierge Top. Clothing Coordinates are included for the bondage outfits.

All tops are made for SBX2.5 uncensor.
HS_MoreSlotID_v1.3 most be already installed and working for these to work properly.
HS_GGMod_v1.6.1 most be already installed and working for the high heels to work.
There would be differences on how these items look in HS when compared with the originals from PH because of the shaders used.

Extract and copy into your main Honey Select main directory.
IDs used:
(Tops[F]) 205071541-205071542
(Bottoms[F]) 206071101-206071102
(Swimsuits[F]) 209071101-209071102
(SwimBottoms[F]) 211071101
(Gloves[F]) 212071101
(Panst[F]) 213071101
(Shoes{F]) 215071101-215071106
(Accesories[Hand]) 360071101

Delete file bmhs_cf_PHsets_P1.unity3d from directory HoneySelect\abdata\chara\Belgar17_Mods
Delete file belgar17_PHsets_P1.unity3d from directory HoneySelect\abdata\list\charaCustom
Delete those files from directory HoneySelect\Plugins\Ggmod_cfg

Download: https://mega.nz/#!44kSjQ4S!pCeD97umM2f6K6VcYVVNgoT3DDMYlwXioC7z4pKRMp8

Have fun with them.

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