On collecting scenes from Darakugear and NU:Carnival

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Dec 20, 2023
※Since it's not a good idea to start separate threads for each title, we'll merge the two titles until we get more opinions.
Darakugear and NU: Carnival are Chinese adult social games distributed by DMM and EROLABS.
Darakugear has two patterns of CG, 3D and 2D, and its contents are unique and different from other games.
NU: Carnival is a BL game with 2D animated CG, and is one of the few in its genre that is of high quality and valuable.

However, the conditions for acquiring scenes and the character emission rate are beyond ShangriLa Drive, and it is impossible to collect them alone, even if there were to be a final event.
In addition, Chinese games in this area do not have a start-up period for new players (the same is true of NU: Carnival, to put it simply), so you need to have less than a month's worth of reserves in order to draw your first ssr, and continuous play is required.
Although no end has been announced at this time, the trend is somewhat suspicious and we have created this forum to discuss recording and preparation in advance.

We would be grateful if anyone who is interested in this game could help us.

I'm offering an invitation code to help you get started as much as possible.
NU: Carnival(ELAB):QZ4H6G
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We learned last time that you need to think about whether to make it in .mkv at the very least.
No matter how good the image quality is, destroying the warehouse is a bad idea.

There are currently two possible plans.
・Play the DMM version and the EROLAB version, so the probability of getting the characters together will increase.
Note: DMM version is censored.

B:Extract and play the data
・All the characters are available for DL data.
Note: Obfuscation makes it impractical for amateurs who are just using the tool.
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For reference, a comparison of censorship on both platforms.

The DMM version has a double mosaic, and initially the haze could be removed, but a later update forced the display of the mosaic.
I hope you now have a little better understanding of why DMM users are worried about this management trend.

NU: Carnival

No matter how uncensored the EROLAB community is, as long as it is a platform, threads like this will probably not be tolerated.
In some cases, it is necessary to create a closed space like Discord.
And I don't want to be on the back foot like Shandra.😅
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