Need help to apply a patch (extra pose?) in WendyBell game!


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Oct 16, 2021
This is a patch for 3 WendyBell game:
Link file:しちゃお!シリーズ妊婦立ち絵セット.1314560/

I fail to apply the patch, try to apply the patch to replace the file (on the game has been Crack) will cause the game to not start, when try apply Crack again the game can start normally but seem like there no extra option costumes or pose. Need someone who been success apply the Patch to help me!
Ok so i found a way with this game call "保育しちゃお!" to show those pregnant pose after 2h =_='' Other 2 game i not check yet.

Seem like you have to apply the Patch first and then apply the Crack later (?) i not sure so do what ever you can to make the game start normally with the Patch include, some extra file must show inside folder name [App]

Then start the game, go [Config] -> goto [Configuration page] turn on something had word with "SD" i don't know since i can't understand Japanese. Funny that "SD" line option used to show some Chibi Char sprite to replace normal character sprite and after apply the Patch it become pregnant Char sprite... Anyway when turn on "SD" line you can't change character costume.

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