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So strange that 電愛カノジョ ~サ終を過ぎてもきみといたい~ (Den'ai Kanojo ~Sashuu o Sugite mo Kimi to Itai~) is also not available... Getchu page.
Will wait for these game.

And also for Parfait Remake Standard Edition PC version (Switch port with new CG) by Giga.
パルフェリメイク PC

And also Tonakai IF Winter mini fan-disc by Prekano.
となりに彼女のいる幸せ ~in first snow with her~
I'm sure that 電愛カノジョ ~サ終を過ぎてもきみといたい~ was posted as ddl, use the search function.
I'm sure that 電愛カノジョ ~サ終を過ぎてもきみといたい~ was posted as ddl, use the search function.
Oh really, thanks. I just always searching in Torrent section, and I was wonder why it wasn't there at all.
Download link for 画面から出てきた推しVtuberとHな同棲生活 ~庶民派吸血鬼お嬢様は契約したい~/Gamen kara Detekita Oshi Vtuber to H na Dousei Seikatsu ~Shomin-ha Kyuuketsuki Ojou-sama wa Keiyaku Shitai~

Also, does anyone know what's happening to Atelier Sakura's games? Nobody released their games in the recent 3 months.
となりに彼女のいる幸せ ~in first snow with her~ is now available on AS and is no longer missing/unreleased.
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First game has been released, but the id was 1241505 , however they're both correct.
The second game has been already released a year and half ago: it was running on e-mote engine but the graphics was static, so i guess they didn't make it in time with animations.
Now they're re-releasing the game with the typical e-mote animations, but they're also releasing a downloadable patch with the animations for buyers that own of the old version.

And thanks again, in the links of your signature i found same material that i missed.

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