Looking for/Recommendations regarding Vanilla Mahou Shoujo Eroge/Visual Novels...


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Jun 17, 2018
Hi i'd really like some recommendations when it comes to Mahou Shoujo's like eroge/visual novel but with vanilla content none of that ntr, rapey stuff, i only know like 4 of them (and two of them are more like toukusatsu then mahou shoujo):

Haze Man -The Local Hero- : https://vndb.org/v21374
Naka no Hito nado Inai! Tokyo Hero Project : https://vndb.org/v10237
Demon Busters ~Ecchi na Ecchi na Demon Taiji~ https://vndb.org/v15492
Mahou Shoujo to Koi+ : https://vndb.org/v7985

I hope there are others as well out there...
  • https://vndb.org/v18348 No rape & no NTR. Dunno if it can be called vanilla, though.

  • https://vndb.org/v9919 Contains rape by the protagonist, but it's generally lighthearted and pokes fun on mahou shoujo genre.

  • https://vndb.org/v5121 A rarity from AliceSoft because it contains no rape nor NTR. Likely the easiest AliceSoft's game too because I remember beating it in the first try. The plot should be more or less a standard AliceSoft fare (the girls need the protagonist's sperm to get stronger, etc) though I have long forgotten it.

  • https://vndb.org/v10463 It's goddesses rather than magical girls, but eh... Again, it's been so long I hardly remember the plot, but it should be a decent read.
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Thank you, i found another one myself:

Ryuusei Pendulum Heart https://vndb.org/v28188 (again more of a toukusatsu though i feel that when it comes to eroge for some reason the line between toukusatsu and mahou shoujo is thin)

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