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Jun 12, 2011

Original number of volumes for first season, Shin Kōtarō Makaritōru!, and Kōtarō Makaritōru! L are unknown as some Wikipedia's information can't be trusted and various sites provide different info on that matter. Staff please help by looking that up. :)

It's a rather old title. Preferably, all 3 seasons included.
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well i took a quick look at it, and i cant seem to find the whole complete all 3 seasons.
I only find vol 1-20 of season 1
Volume 1-12 of season 2 and 5volumes of season 3.
I will keep my eyes peeled more for them.
But anyways if u want the volumes that i listed then send me a pm and i will pass you the links.
Cause my net is to slow to upload large files atm, but i can confirm that you will be able to get the files.
The volumes you mentioned, yeah, I already have the translated version of them. I found raws for all volumes listed in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kotaro_Makaritoru! but I still have no idea whether the said number of volumes is up to date or not (in other words wikipedia may be giving false info).

I have no idea whether ASS staff are interested in working on this title considering the amount of work staff are currently having, and some of them are in multiple divisions too. I too, do understand that there are a lot of volumes in it, which means a lot of work to be done if it's to be added into the project list. Besides, there are no bishoujos/juice in it, but just in case if some of you are interested in working on it here's the link.

Please let me know if ASS decides to make the miraculous decision of doing it. :D
Besides, there are no bishoujos/juice in it, but just in case if some of you are interested in working on it here's the link

It is a -0.01% chance that we would pick up something that has no bishoujos in it. You can stop hopelessly wishing for it to happen now. :D

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