[English] [ILLUSION] HoneySelect 2 (ハニーセレクト2) BetterRepack R3


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Dec 12, 2018

If you have trouble starting the game, start the game once through the launcher (InitSetting.exe), this will check for errors and fix them as well before starting the game.

You can update the sideloader modpack (clothing mods etc) from the launcher. Just press the icon in the lower left corner of the launcher with the arrow to check for updates. I'm updating that more often than the main pack, so should get some updates there every so often ;)

This is the readme for the pack, detailing the contents:​

Release 3 // 28.06.2020

No donations // no ad-maze // no upfront payment
If you paid for this, you were scammed!
If you like the game, please buy it!
If you enjoy the mods, please consider donating to the modders on patreon where possible.

This pack is made with a up2date base game as of 17.01.2019, along with the components listed in credits, all up2date as of the release date of this pack. Some extras have been included, but are either easily removable or are sorted into folders marked [OPTIONAL]. Enjoy!

To add shortcuts to your desktop of the launcher and the most important folders for the game, feel free to run '[BR] Create Desktop Icons.bat'.

If you have trouble starting the game, start the game once through the launcher (InitSetting.exe), this will check for errors and fix them as well before starting the game.

I don't recommend just extracting this over another repack, due to potential conflicts. Please extract this to its own folder and move over your chara, cap, studio and save folders.

If you wish to convert this pack into a vanilla pack, there is a included script named '[BR] Vanillify the game.bat' that gives you the following options:
 1. Remove only translation, leaving the rest of the mods intact
 2. Remove all BetterRapack Extras
 4. Remove all BetterRepack Extras, mods and translation
Feel free to use this script to customize your install, but keep in mind that using this may make the game incompatible with future repack updates, requiring you to download the next repack in full!

Feel free to DM me on discord (ScrewThisNoise#3544) with the card(s) and/or scene(s), and I'll see what I can do for the next release. (See community links for server link)

[B]What is included in the base game?[/B]
- Base release game
- All preorder extras
- Newest official update as of 05.06
- Premium Miko DLC
- Premium Succubus DLC2
- Premium Sister DLC

[B]Updated in release 3 (this release):[/B]
- Applied official update honey2_01_plus_0619w26K8
- Applied official update honey2_01_plus_0626fEw2
- Applied Paid DLC dlc_ex1_0619
- Applied Paid DLC dlc_ex2_0529
- Applied Paid DLC dlc_ex3_0619
- Applied Paid DLC dlc_bondage
- Updated BepInEx to v5.1
- Updated BepInEx.ConfigurationManager to v16
- Updated HideAllUI to v2.2
- Updated IllusionFixes HS2 to v13.2
- Updated HS2_BepisPlugins to R15.1.2
- Updated XUnity.AutoTranslator to v4.11.3
- Updated 2155X's HS2_StudioPOV to v1.1.1
- Updated 2155X's HS2_UnlockPlayerHeight to v1.4.1
- Updated DeathWeasel's HS2_MaterialEditor to v2.0.6
- Updated DeathWeasel's HS2_UncensorSelector to v3.9.2
- Updated enimaroah's SB3Utility to v20.5
- Updated Joan6694's MoreAccessories to v1.2.1
- Updated Marco's HS2_CheatTools to v2.7.2
- Updated Marco's HS2API to v1.12.3
- Updated Marco's KKManager to v0.12.0
- Added BepInEx.MuteInBackground v1.0
- Added 2155X's HS2_BetterHScenes v2.4.0
- Added 2155X's HS2_HLightControl v1.2.0
- Added DeathWeasel's HS2_InvisibleBody v1.3.2
- Added DeathWeasel's HS2_MaleJuice v1.2.1
- Added DeathWeasel's HS2_Subtitles v1.6
- Added DeathWeasel's HS2_StudioSceneLoadedSound v1.1
- Added essu's BepisFix for HS2 v1.0
- Added Marco's HS2_BrowserFolders v2.1
- Added Marco's HS2_ClothColliders v1.0
- Added Marco's HS2_HeightBar v3.3
- Added Hooh's Animation Pairing v1.0
- Added zoodgame555bnb1's BoopPlugin v1.0.1
- Removed Mikke's Character Loader Plugin due to being superceeded by Marco's BrowserFolders

These are locations where either I distribute new packs and updates, or partner-sites and services do so.
- [url]http://www.anime-sharing.com/forum/members/screwthisnoise-181111/[/url]

- [url]https://f95zone.to/threads/illusion-ai-girl-ai-discussion-thread.34853/[/url]

- [url]https://sukebei.nyaa.si/user/screwthisnoise[/url]

- [url]https://otomi-games.com/koikatu/[/url]

Discord Fan-Server
- [url]https://discord.gg/F3bDEFE[/url]

- [url]https://pastebin.com/QRRKtC45[/url]

2155X's AI_LightSettings
- [url]https://www.patreon.com/2155X[/url]

connector_jp's DHH
connector_jp's DHH MadWorld
- No link, see discord

DeathWeasel's AI_InputHotkeyBlock
DeathWeasel's MaterialEditor
DeathWeasel's Subtitles
- [url]https://www.patreon.com/DeathWeasel[/url]

Enimaroah's SB3Utility
- [url]https://github.com/enimaroah/SB3Utility[/url]

Hooh's Heelz

Marco's AI_BetterAA
Marco's AI_Screencap
Marco's AIABMX
Marco's AIAPI
Marco's FPS Counter
Marco's MessageCenter
Marco's RuntimeUnityEditor
- [url]https://www.patreon.com/ManlyMarco[/url]

Mikke's PushUpPlugin for AI-Shoujo
- No link, see discord

STN's English Launcher
STN's Sideloader Modpack
- [url]https://www.patreon.com/BetterRepack[/url]

Misc (Collabs etc):
AIGirlFixes ([url]https://github.com/IllusionMods/IllusionFixes[/url])
BepisPlugins ([url]https://github.com/IllusionMods/BepisPlugins[/url])

There are two download options, Full for newcomers, Update for people that already have my previous packs (So they don't have to download all of it over again). If you experience ANY problem after using the update pack, please use the full pack before reporting any problems.

Share this pack as you want, re-host it or whatever.. All credit goes to the modders actually making this possible
Feel free to tell me if you reupload the pack anywhere else! :)

I'd very much appreciate it if you would all think about supporting me on patreon, but keep in mind that I won't paywall my packs, this is just for supporting me making my packs better :)


As some of you have noticed, downloading content from the in-game downloader is quite the unstable experience. In order to offer multiple venues to aquire cards, I've acquired all available scene and card content on the official uploader (normaly only available from Japanese IPs) so that you may grab some of that content if you desire ;)


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