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Sep 21, 2017
If you recently looking for seasonal anime you will notice reference in the title, but if you don't then ...


Okey i keep joking for later, i'll introduce myself :

My name is Anthony

I'm from France ( so if my english is bad don't blame me, just blame my teachers ! No really if you have some corrections let me know but if you're here to criticize and insulting me on my english i will never reply and will ignore you)

I'm 20 years Old

I like playing video games like CS :Go, LoL, Nba 2K18, Fifa 18, Osu! and some VN like Clannad, Grisaia series

I'm a Video maker and a GFX, all made up by myself (i never went to a graphic designer school or whatever, i learn by myself on youtube since 2011), If you want i can show you some of my signatures, banners or other command i already done in a futur topic.

I'm really fond of anime/manga figure, i already brought some anime events i went in France, but some special figure are hard to foun in france, and the figure i really want so bad has been sold out :( And it's pretty expensive (130 €) Let me show you :


I got actually 2 nickname, ValkyMirei more for the anime community i will say and my other is NexusArtz, more for gaming community.

I was doing some cool anime vine/AMV before Vine RIP but i try to improve myself further too and make more AMV but, both of my AMV uploaded on youtube where strikes by CopyRights :c

So, it's pretty all i have to say, i'm gonna let you with some of my Computer Configuration and SetUp, with some links to find me on Steam or even Discord :)

Enjoy Your Day ! :D

PC Configuration :

- Asus ROG Strix X99 Motherboard
- Intel Core i7 6800K
- 32 Gb = 4x8 GB of Ram DDR4 3200 Mhz by KFA2 HoF Series
- Nvidia GTX 1070 KFA2 Sniper Edition Black
- Corsair H100i V2 WaterCooling
- Pack of 4 Corsair AF120 LED White edition
- Crucial MX300 525 Gb SSD
- 3 TB Seagate HDD
- EVGA 650GQ 650W
- Corsair Spec-Alpha Black Edition

Set Up :
- Keyboard Corsair Lux K70 RGB RapidFire Mechanical Switches
Monitor : - Iiyama G-Master Black Hawk 27"
- Iiyama G-Master Black hawk 24,5" (No Border)
Mouses : Corsair Glaive - Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum - SteelSeries Rival 100
Mouse Pad : Corsair MM800 RGB Light
Mic : Blue Yeti Grey
Headset : Sennheiser Game Zero Black

Other Links :
- Steam = http://steamcommunity.com/id/AkArin12/
- Discord = ValkyMirei ?!#7654
- Osu! = NexusArtz



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Hi! [MENTION=153550]ValkyMirei[/MENTION];. Nice to meet you.
Welcome to ASF!
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