help with reinstalling Inyouchuu kyou - 淫妖蟲 凶 ~凌触病棟退魔録~ - cant use install button


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Jun 3, 2023
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hi, im having a problem with the setup, i did install and played normally at first, but after some dumb attempt to work around wrong texts problem, my game cant work anymore, and after deleting it all to reinstall, the setup doesnt allow me, how can i fix this?


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Seems the game thinks its still installed.
Mount the iso, open the iso folder on your dvd drive by right clicking and try there to use the uninstall option with uninst.exe
oh, somehow it really worked, i did use the uninst.exe yesterday but it just didnt work, or may be i forget to do it and just use uninstall from the installer lol, any way everything work fine now, thank you
by the way, because this patch need alpharom to run, i cant run normally with ntleas to avoid wrong text errors, is there anyway to work around this?
You can try to set your system to Japanese locale if you havent done that yet or you can try out Locale Emulator to run the shortcut from alpharom with it.
Dont know if it will work, but its worth a try.

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