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Mar 15, 2017
I've been attempting to play the exceptionally old Roshutsu Choukyou Doukoukai 2, and been frustrated that - given its age - it has a DVD check before launching. I can bypass this by substituting working/cracked EXEs from some of Sekilala's later games - at the expense of being able to save. Not good!

It appears there is/was a NoDVD patch made for this game, but the only place I can find it is at, and they aren't taking new accounts. Does anyone here have an account there, or know another source for the NoDVD patch? I didn't see it on any of the past download pages for the games here.
Hmmm, they include a screenshot that presumably shows where/how the binary was patched. I may find some disassembly tools and see if I can't replicate the same patch on the sequel's binary.

Did exactly that! One printf '\xeb' | dd of=ROSYU2_patch.EXE bs=1 seek=81299 count=1 conv=notrunc later, and the same one-byte patch (change a je instruction to jmp) was applied to the sequel binary, and works like a charm. Attached is a zip with both binaries.


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