Does anybody know this anime "Chou Denji Robo Combattler V"?


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Jul 2, 2017
I only know that it exists when it was recommended to me thru youtube algorithm. I am normally not interested in robot anime at all but the fan made music MV "battle field" catches my eye. To be specific the whole sequence of the villain holding the dead body of the woman who is presumably his lover to the point of him driving a robot along with his lover's body by his side and dying together in a blast of fire after losing to the protagonists where he kisses his lover for the last time. I was immensely moved by it. Does anybody know more about this anime? it seems to be some part of the effort to advertise a pachinko machine line and it also seems to have a couple manga series. I can only find the anime but not the manga. it also seems to have spinoff movies but it is not well documented on the wiki. Does anyone know if there are some ancient doujinshi for this series, specifically related to the villain that appears in the music MV? Or is there a way to get the manga (i can read japanese so i dont mind if it is raw)?
Yes, I also watched this anime. It's fun, enjoyable, most certainly retro, and will make you feel like you're 10 years old again. From the hotshot speed demon Hyouma, gun loving ace Juuzou, token girl member Chizuru, obese Daisaku, and kid genius Kosuke, they each have episodes devoted to their own characters. And to be honest, I think these episodes are probably some of the most well done in the show online games, since they actually put a lot of background into the individual pilots. These episodes also help keep it from being straight "Monster of the Week" all in a row, by helping spice it up a bit. Not to mention Garuda, who suddenly turns from the spoiled prince into a complex villain of conflicting values later on.
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