Do you guys keep your iso files after installing a game?

I usually repack the ISO with mods and patches like in the case of Honey Select and upload it either to my OneDrive or my MegaSync. I sometimes redistribute the package to others through Mega. Sometimes I will use my hard-drives but I prefer to use the cloud.
i keep them even i bought them
before i kept all the game i downloaded but recently only keep ones i like(and usually i also bought one), for there's no time for me to play
It really depends on the game whether i keep the iso file or not since some games just need to be copied from iso to disk drive and some games compulsorily need to be installed and uninstalled only using the iso file.
I do as well, became a data hoarder after the massive increase of database/download sites being taken down. 3 HDD's filled to the brim so far, lol.
I do keep them for my vn collection. I store them all in my HDDs because online storage site could shut down out of the blue. I've created my personal vn spreadsheet and one of the main reasons is so that if somehow one of my HDDs became faulty and is irreparable, I'll know which vns i've lost along with the HDD, and will try to re-dl and keep them in my new HDD. I have a Hitachi HDD while all the others are Toshiba's. I used to have a Seagate HDD but it became faulty within a year and a half.
Mostly I keep them because I've got alot of space. Almost 2 tb, so I can afford it to keep all those that I need. But if you've got not alot of space you should only keep the ones you think there's a possibility that the download site shuts down.
It depends. If I enjoyed the game I played then yes, I keep it's iso file just in case.
I prefer ISO than files to collect. However, games are easier to collect than HD anime which take too much space.

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