hi corocoro, Detective Conan from Episodes 001 to 675 is dead, can u replaced the Links??? thank you very much...
hi please reupload eps 715, 727, 728, 730, 740, 741, 742, 750 , 753 , 766 to 796 , 801 , 802 , 803
720p would be ok . thank you very much
There's multiple remastered episodes on the first page. Which one are you talking about?
Corocoro reupload episode 801-805 1080p plz.... thx
Oh might as well, any idea when is the movie 19 eng sub release Master???
Which host?
I'll see about getting movie 19 up soonish™.
again links dead.sory make u trouble coro. please reupload FF links for ep 108 to 200. tq corocoro

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Hello Shine. Sorry for making the same request, but is there still no upload for this month's akira Brave777's releases?
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Kindly reupload [chocolat blanc] 童貞ヘタレ上司の秘密 on Katfile/Mexashare. Please and thanks so much.
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hi, can you re-upload RJ01133346 RJ01133305 in mexashare?
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Are you able to reup 脱衣麻雀バトルロイヤル48?
Thank you.