Can you Count the Weeks..??


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Dec 19, 2011
Hyoo~ count the week days :)

:loudverdict: GUIDE!

I). Keep it in future tense as often as possible!
II). Here's the pattern, in order of 1st poster and so on and so forth..

1 (On) MONday I will...
2 (On) TUEsday I will...
3 (On) WEDnesday I will...
4 (On) THUrsday I will...
5 (On) FRIday I will...
6 (On) SATurday I will...
7 (On) SUNday I will... !!!*

*PS. The person who gets Sunday needs to:

- Day of Spammers Unite
- St. Idiot's Day
details such as date and description are optional, and are free to include.
On Tuesday I will stalk Santa and break into his secret base!
On Thursday I will go and stalk Santa again.. this time I aint gonna be alone! SECOONNDD!! :)

@2ND come with me and you'll see!
Saturday- :evillaugh: come one sunday come come...!

@2nd Dunnnooo about that. We're stalking Santa after all. Let's not hope Santa is ecchi :lmao:
Sunday ill be watching the sun go down shortly after i wake~
It shall be Spammerday :3
Wednesday, I'll be counting days for weekend. It's just 2 days more to go before Saturday, yo.
Friday! Yes tonight I'll go partyyyy!!!!!! in the Internet, sadly.
Sunday, preparing for Monday school...
Oh wait!
Monday I have exams!

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