Buy 10 for 10000 Yen DLsite sale


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Aug 23, 2020

DLsite is having a special sale for Astronaut and Tinkerbell/Wendybell. Buy 10 games for 10000 yen.

Personally, I think it is a really good deal. Before this, Atelier Kaguya and other brands also did this special sale. Might want to keep a look out if interested in buying in bulk of games for certain brand. I will try to update this post for new same promotion in the future too.

Link to Tinkerbell/Wendybell

Link to Astronaut
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In conjuntion with Bare&Bunny's 10 years anniversary, アトリエかぐや is doing a 10 for 10,000円 sale!
If you like Atelier Kaguya's product, this is your chance to bulk buy! If you don't intend to buy up to 10 pieces. You can still buy at 50% off!

Last time AK had their anniversary sale was in 2018. So, the next anniversary won't come soon. Don't miss out this chance!

Sales end on February 13th
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