[amami-k] Collection[/

ok can the ddownload link be posted? i dont seem to notice it

The link to the collection page, where all 250+ links are listed, is hidden behind the hidden context. You just have to click “like” to get access.

The link is the blue "[amami-k] Collection" text, directly above the re-upload notice.

On the collection page you just have to solve the 2 puzzles and enter the password, which is also in the hidden context, and you then have access to all the links.
ok thanks for clarification. didnt know
I remember hearing that this method of link listing isn't very common.
But for me, who also offers these things in other regional forums, this method is much better.
The best thing about this method is that I only have to enter the links once after each (re-)upload and not manually in all forums.
Is there a reup for this?

ddownload will take about 5 hours per "part"
All files/parts are available, at least on ddownload. So a reupload is not necessary there.

if you mean a reupload to gofile, then the answer is "no"

All hosters have one or two limitations. Be it the amount of data that can be saved, the download speed, available FTP upload, data management, the time for how long inactive data is stored or other things.

gofile was a trail and this failed. gofile has no FTP and stores only for some days (in free mode), and I didn't have the money to buy premium there, too. So please use ddownload, where this files are already online.

I purchase the files from the official website and edit them into what I upload here. After the cost of buying it, I don't have the opportunity to buy dozens of premium accounts to please everyone.

ddownload is also not optimal and as soon as my premium account there expires I will look for a better hoster. But until then, I won't change.

And use Jdownloader to download there, even if it takes time, it's safer this way and you don't have to sit behind the screen the whole time.
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well, time to download piece by piece again. Tried using Jdownloader but it keeps talking about a premium account and won't let me download multiple links at once
Hello everyone^^
I have added 2 new file hosts that have a better download rate.

Unfortunately, both of these also have certain limitations and I still have to see whether I will continue to provide service for them.

Here is an overview of the hosters:


- FTP upload
- Link management via folders

- Data is deleted after 60 days of inactivity (like ddownload)

Not yet assessable:
- download speed... no idea... try it out and give me feedback
- download limit... no idea... try it out and give me feedback

Pixel drain
- Data is deleted after 120 days of inactivity
- download speed very good

- FTP upload is offered, but does not work
- you can only post links to folders / Link management is bad (<- use Jdownloader an its simpler to select the file you want)
- Download limit of 5 GB per day (<- can perhaps be bypassed with VPN)

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