[Album] [Album] Logic System – Tansu Matrix (2008.07.25/Flac/RAR)


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Mar 19, 2015

01. Turning Point – Epilogue
02. Hypnotize
03. Wandering on the Road
04. Digiphone
05. 桜繚乱
06. Thousand Knives
07. Sweet Memories
08. Nenkororo (Mosh)
09. Left-handed Woman
10. Love
11. Y.M.C.A.
12. A Long Cool Rain
13. Go!! Rise!! Cow!!
14. Land of 1000 Dances
15. Some Enchanted Evening
16. Turning Point – Prologue

• 391.14 MB :: flac
• bitrate: min 711 Kbps / max 996 Kbps

RG (RapidGator)
KF (KatFile)
Logic_System_-_Tansu_Matrix_2008.rar - 391.1 MB
FP (FikPer)
Logic_System_-_Tansu_Matrix_2008.rar - 391 MB
MS (MexaShare)
Logic_System_-_Tansu_Matrix_2008.rar - 391.1 MB

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