a question about DVD in old games.


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Jun 26, 2023
I used UltraISO to extract the .mdf file of "Futago no Haha Seihonnou The Anime,",for example, but when I try to run the setup program, a prompt appears asking me to insert the disc. This situation is common when setting up old games. Is there a universal solution to this? Thank you. I am new to this forum, sorry if I asked something that have been discussed.
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You should just mount the mdf file and start the setup from the DVD/BD Drive, you´re not supposed to extract it.

For instance with Virtual Clone Drive you do it like this:

Right click symbol for virtual clone drive in taskbar and click on Mount.

Navigate to the folder where your game files are (iso, mdf, ...). Select All Files and click the mdf file and open.

Now you open your explorer where your harddrives are located and select the BD-ROM drive from Virtual Clone Drive where you mounted the game, it should also display a game icon. Double click that drive and the setup should start.

Rest of installation is pretty straight forward:

Click OK.

Double click desktop icon from installed game.
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