[Japanese] [960515][アップルパイ] 雀姫 ~レディース・マージャン・リーグ~


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Dec 11, 2021

Title / タイトル: 雀姫 ~レディース・マージャン・リーグ~
Brand / ブランド: アップルパイ
Release / 販売日: 1996/05/15
File size / ファイル容量: 278.58 MB
Sample Images:

this seems to be a 16-bit application which doesn't properly install on Win XP(I assume the problem is the rights management changes between XP and 3.x-9x systems), doesn't even open installer on Win 10, and generally doesn't work.
I'd assume it's better to just upload an installed copy.
I'd try that myself, but I don't have a working 3.x system or 9x system virtual machine ready at the moment.
Can someone please tell me which operating system I can play on?

I've tried with 2000 and 98, but neither works.

It runs, but when the mahjong game starts, an error occurs.
Tried it with windows 95 via pcem but it still doesn't work

When I try Windows 95 using the neko project, it runs but comes out in 256 colors
oh i solve it now
after i install sound drive, service pack, display drive, and direct8.0 in pcem's windows 95, it runs.
i just finished a round of mahjong and there was no problem
man, can you please clarify on what were you able to run the game?
Was it a virtual machine or a real one? and so on
I used pcem
pcem is the name of the virtual machine
PCEM is much better than vmware or virtualbox if you are using lower operating system than windows 2000

the installation is a little more difficult but if you search, there are many articles explaining the installation method in detail

After installing Windows 95 (I haven't tried it, but looking at the game information, Windows 3.1 seems to be possible) on the pcem, install the sound driver, display driver, service pack, etc.

I don't remember exactly which files I installed because it's been a while since I tried.
thanks man, I will try it
Though, it'd be much better if it was possible on VMware or Virtualbox, as then I'd be able to use it on android, but if not, oh well, so be it.
I also tried it on Wine, but no, just no, 16 bit applications usually don't work on wine

Edit: Okay, now I see why I had problems with VMware. My system disk that VmWare proposes is over 512 mb in size and by default is formatted as FAT32 which is a win98 feature, Win95 can support it, but doesn't by default in versions before OSR2.5 same as USB.
so it will not install on an HDD that is not fat16 formatted

Another question is...how did you manage to install the drivers on this thing?
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After collecting the sound driver, display driver, direct, etc.
I made an iso file and inserting it into a virtual machine and installed
okay, more direct question
WHICH sound display and other drivers did you use?
and basic setup of the VM
since like, it has A LOT of graphics cards to choose from, same as a lot of CPUs etc.

Edit: alright, Win95 OSR2.5 and voodoo3 works like a charm. It doesn't have HD resolutions, like I've seen in a certain VMware machine I downloaded(uses old VMware SVGA2 drivers), which I still don't know how was made managing to install 95 on 8GB virtual drive, but it works with square ones over 640x480 greatly.
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But it still doesn't want to install saying that it failed to access files...
and I doubt it's because of file access policies. I see the installer looks at the wrong path, like c:// or e://, which is wrong, there must only be one /, else it's as if there's a blank name folder, which doesn't exist
If possible, could you upload your VM image?

Btw, I installed 95 into VMware, and with VMware tools it's way more convenient as you can drag'n'drop stuff here and there from host to guest and vice versa
still can't install the game tho

okay, now I see. The installer is, how to put it, STUPID. It cannot work with folders, it can only install into the root of the disk. Oh well, not that I care.
It also cannot create a proper ini file for itself. FUCK THIS GAME, I'm fucking mad about this

I'll explain it for someone who will 100% have this problem later.
The setup program is dumb, remember it, and it basically can create folders, BUT DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO USE THEM AND HOW PATHS WORK.
The ini file will have these lines
but you see, the folder jyanki has ANOTHER folder jyanki in it on the hard drive, as the setup program if you point it to the root of the hdd creates a folder jyanki and puts stuff there, and since it doesn't have \ before jyanki, it will look from the root, enter it's own directory, but never find folders called b or p. so write jyanki\jyanki\b or p and it will work

absolute incompetence of the programmers. Well, I'm not a programmer, but I always fix errors that programmers do, so I can bitch about it.
to note, after you fix filepaths, the game works on XP just fine.
You will need to move it from 95 machine to xp machine tho.

EditEdit: or not. It now bitches about not being able to play MIDI files, and never loads a mahjong session.
Will do more.
Might be the most problematic game I ever dealt with
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Okay, now I understand the problem is sound drivers, but that doesn't help me one bit as anything I try doesn't do anything.

As I wrote before, I don't remember what drives I installed
but if I remember correctly, it was downloaded from an archive.org

And I haven't installed the driver in VMware, so I don't know for sure.
but if it's like PCEM, just put the driver file inside the virtual machine and run the exe file and it will install
logical, yeah...
but PCem doesn't want to install any sound driver for me at all.
and I now have an installed copy of the game with proper config so it'll work no matter where I put it...but it doesn't want to work because of the sound drivers. No idea how to deal with that ATM.
Will think.
and it doesn't really care about the system it's launched on, since it will do it on 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP. I tried

Something about MCI device ID being invalid
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If set up a virtual machine is hard, it's a good idea to use the files that others are upload


When I tried this game, I tried this file,this file can run game well
only problem was that the color came out in 256 colors

If you upgrade the color 16 bits or 32 bits, can play the game without a problem (I don't know how to do that)
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thanks, will try
PC98 is way easier to deal with tbh

Didn't think about it, but I have a PC98 around so I can try playing it natively on one...I'm using win2000 SP4 on it tho.

Edit: and yes, it works fine. It doesn't really care about being installed on the machine, since 9x systems didn't have a proper registry yet, it only cares about it's ini file, which you can adjust to your needs if wanted.
I barely use this thing, and bought it just for fun because I like retro PCs and generally old devices, besides it was cheap as hell and had a problem with IDE interface which I had to fix.
I usually use it as a stand for TV, because it...cannot work with normal displays. At all. The only thing it can work with is 15" NEC LCD display from those times it was made due to bizarre 640x400 resolution.
It's not basic, so most newer TVs don't even know it exists.

Edit2: The funny thing is, the win95 image you linked...has the same problem I'm having with Win95-XP on VMware or PCem. But real PC98 eats it fine. Well, at least something, thanks.

As for 256 color mode, thing is, PC98 devices, didn't support any higher resolution. Later, when 98GS and 98GA(Graphic Accelerator) became available the max resolution became 1250x750
Best option would be Window Accelerator, which allows for higher colors and resolutions, but the machine linked isn't set up for it and I don't see an option in Neko Project to connect one.
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How do you guys use textractor, or translate games on older os's? As I personally like being able to somewhat read the dialogue
I don't use them, because I know japanese.
Besides, this game has no text for story, only voices

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