Question 4 days everything can't index the image (is that normal)?


Sep 21, 2013
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Judging by your answers, the automation should have indexed the images (but here are 3 cases when it should have worked, but for 4 days of attempts should have been thousands at least)

But I still still still don't see any indexing.

Is this a bug or the norm?
The behavior you've observed is not a bug, but rather a function of how our proxy system interacts with the host that you are using, in this case, turboimage. The proxy system exists on a separate network from the cluster for security reasons, and communication between these networks happens through a virtual private network (VPN) to maintain encryption and security.

Whenever the proxy fails to fetch an image from turboimage, the issue could either be a communication problem between the cluster and the proxy, or between the proxy and turboimage. However, typically, the issue is with turboimage.

As many uploaders use turboimage, the platform may occasionally throttle or limit the rate of requests from one IP which is our proxy. When this happens, our proxy fails to fetch the image. In response to this, the proxy system will retry the image fetching process up to ten times over the span of two weeks, spacing out each request further from the previous one.

If the proxy still cannot fetch the image after ten attempts, it will cease trying. However, if you find that two weeks is too long of a wait, you can append a cache buster string at the end of the resources to prompt a more immediate retry by the proxy. Ideally, this will be possible when turboimage has ended its throttling.

So, do note that what you have experienced is not a bug, but a typical performance operation based on the interaction between our proxy system and the turboimage platform.
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