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Feb 14, 2015
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  • Knightess Leticia

    Title: Knightess Leticia
    Company: dieselmine-Int'l-
    Release: 2022/09/05
    Language: English
    Censorship: CEN

  • Info: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ415258.html

    -The threat of violation looms over Lady Knight Leticia!

    -28 Base CG!

    -Can Leticia save the princess from the perverts who kidnapped her!?


    Falsely accused of the princess' kidnapping, Leticia
    must journey alone to the frontier lands and endure numerous
    violations in order to save her beloved princess.


    -Lady knight puts up with sexual harassment to obtain information!

    -Lady knight loses her reason to drugs and gets creampied while high!

    -Ridden by big-tit fetishist and has her boobs r*ped!

    -Graffiti-ed and spanked!

    -Made into a pet with animal ears and a tail butt plug!

    -Milked by a lactation fetishist!

    -Interspecies r*pe and birthing!

    -Lady knight and fortune teller have their skirts looked up by gutter pervs

    -Lady knight ball-gagged and r*ped while tied up!

    -The final boss mating-presses the innocent princess!



    The Lady Knight Leticia is an imperial knight of the Kingdom of Saintia.
    Owing in part to her achievements on the battlefield in the wars with
    other lands, the kingdom now encompasses all territories.
    She is granted the honor of being personal guard to the princess, as the kingdom enjoys new prosperity.

    However, lurking in the shadows , the hands of evil are at work, plotting vengeance on the borders of the kingdom.

    Through a plot by an evil wizard masquerading as a rising aristocrat,
    Leticia is accused of kidnapping her beloved princess - a girl who loves her like a sister.
    Leticia is in a dire predicament.

    With no one to turn to for help,
    Leticia sets off to save the princess and clear her name,
    venturing alone into the frontier lands.

    She doesn't know those lands are a lair of perverts.


     CV: Mafuyu Hiiragi
     A royal guard serving the Kingdom of Saintia.
     Loyal, strong, diligent, young and beautiful,
     she is assigned as the personal bodyguard of the young princess.
     Unfortunately, this leads her to be the subject of envy among some.
     She devotes so much of herself to her strength as a knight and her noble bearing,
     she is somewhat ignorant of other matters. She is particularly ignorant and naive when it comes to sex.

     She is proud of her flowing blonde locks, but as her large breasts get in the way of battle,
     she considers them unnecessary.

     CV: Yuri Ayase
     The first daughter of the King of Saintia.
     Her cute appearance and mild temperament make her very popular with her subjects.
     Adored by her father, she has the kingdom's strongest knight, Leticia,
     assigned as her personal bodyguard.
     She is close with Leticia, who she treats like an older sister.
     When she is ensnared in Rougius' trap, she is sold to the king of a sl*ve kingdom,
     but she truly believes that Leticia will rescue her.

     She has hair as red as a ruby. She has a petite build, and secretly worries about her small chest.

     CV: Chiroru Oyama
     A woman who performs fortune telling in the frontier lands.
     She always wears a knowing smile, and sometimes seems to mock Leticia and her own customers.
     As her fortunes get more accurate the more you pay, her services are often used by the wealthy.
     She wears black as her main color, creating an air of darkness and mystery, and she has jet-black hair and blue eyes.
     One eye is concealed by her hair.

Password: Esan

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