[Japanese] [170329][不透明Z] ゼロから始めるTSO [RJ197049]【Ver1.16】

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nobis_c wrote on ramori's profile.
O' noble one, this title just got a minor update. Will you update it? Many thanks.
孕ませキャンプ to v1.03
naruto1994 wrote on Lebedev's profile.
is it possible for you to get this DLC?
i cant find this DLC anywhere else and i just wanted to see if you could maybe help share it cause it locked behind a Chinese Website.

this is the website with the download.

and these 2 links are the games information.
naruto1994 wrote on Lebedev's profile.
hello. it been a while but i wanted to ask if your still taking requests.
nobis_c wrote on Otokonoko's profile.
Excuse me, would you please re-up this one? If anyone have the updated version 16/06/03, even better.
TasogareHentai wrote on Otokonoko's profile.
Sorry if i ask, but can you please look at my requests and tell if you have it? Thanks in advance.