[Hentai game] [160129] [KISS] カスタムメイド3D2+ + Update 1.23 [H-Game]

Okay, Im success update this game to 1.25 and can run it smoothly. What I want to ask, are my game already become CM3D2+ or still Cm3D2?

I still got error when I try to install this expansion. The error that I got not after the patching process start, but before it started. The error said "L:\cm3d2plg_pp001\data\CM3D2x64_Data\level0 , and continue with japanese word."

Yes, it stuck before the patching process start. How do I fix this problem?

What I did was I copied everything from the disc into a new folder. Then I checked the location where the file in the error was in and I found out that some files have _____ instead of words. I.e. the level0 file has become _____0. So all I did was rename the files according to the error with the name which is relevant and kept rerunning the installer.
How long the _ is also signifies how many letters the file name supposedly had. I have no idea what caused the file names to distort but this is how I fixed it. :L
Hey I never used pastebin before and alot of the hongfire dlc takes me to a page that looks like the attachment I attached, but it doesn't give me any file to download. How am I supposed to use pastebin?View attachment 13201
Is this file broken??
Error says "Cannot find mainData."
What wrong?

A simple tutorial to how to fix this kind of error:

1 - After you open the iso file, copy everything from it and put on a new paste, then open the "select" from the main and do the instalation.

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2 - Go to the place where the error occurs, on my case it is on "C:\Users\Leonardo\Downloads\test\cm3d2plg_pp001\data\CM3D2x64_Data", then find the files with these names:
_____0, _____1,..., _____25, P_____C_________C_____F___ and ____D___ , after you found then, rename the files to these names : level0,level1,...level25, PlayerConnectionConfigFile and mainData, and then go back and execute the "select" file and install, everything must be working now. Hope it helps.

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