[Hentai game] [140530] [ルネ] 恥辱の女騎士「オークの出来そこないである貴様なんかに、この私が……!!」 + Update 1.01 [H-Game]

Got a question does anyone know what the options do in the settings, there's just many on's and off's and I can't make out what they do. I know the simple ones obviously the female voices and bgm and sound settings but the other options what do they do?

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    If you can, could you also upload


    Thanks in advance.
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    Do you also have the update for this?
    夏休みに堕ちたツバサ to v1.05
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    Shine, would you update this game, please?
    理想のおとうさん to v1.1.0
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    do you also have an updated version of this one

    latest update

    • 2022年10月30日その他
    • グラフィックフレームレート設定を40から60に引き上げ、影響部分を修正しました。