[Hentai game] [121130] [ういんどみるOasis] ウィッチズガーデン 初回限定版 + OP Theme Song + Digital Soundtrack + Tokuten [H-Game] [Patch]

Re: [121130] [ういんどみるOasis] ウィッチズガーデン 初回限定版 + OP Theme Song + Digital Soundtrack [H-Game] [Patch]

how to use the patch?

that easy

run crack and check 3nd checkbox

then click select button and select cs2.exe
huh try again unless the patch your telling here is an update to the game then look into the website itself the crack patcher dl works...
the crack imean, the one in the front page crack patch doesn't download and even the one above us attachment also says failed network error, the downoad file pops up from the download tab but is says below Failed - Network error, i've als tried from the one from anime crane yet still the same problem.... :((
The crack is corrupted it seems. As I download it, it just turns into a white blank file that can't be run or anything. Could this be fixed? : /

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