[Japanese] *R* 【092301】[エロゲーム][Studio e・go! ] トキノ戦華


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Sep 30, 2011


Release / 販売日 - 2009/01/23
Company / ブランド名 - Studio e・go!
Password / パスワード - biohrd



Exactly my point, I hate it when he does that. It's such a pain to download with the others... Plus he won't answer anymore, looks like he's doing this for himself and not for the pleasure of sharing his stuff with us.
To be honest I always follow his threads because he upload in easy and fast way to download. and not just that he always anwser many question and try to help downloader in any way he can.
but now it seem he ignore us and upload in his way and not upload in bigfile / uploadable anymore. for me to download file form uploaded.net it realy pain because it take many hour to complete and sometime download end up fail.... I really want to scream man. :eek: and not just that I must wait one hour to next download.:(
Same thing for me man, Uploaded sucks ass and it makes me wait 2 hours between the downloads. Most of the time it would just stop for no good reason and make a corrupted file instead. Seriously not worth the efforts. Alafile is only for premium users which I'm not so this one can go to hell too.
It's sad because not so long ago, things were different with this uploader but now, it's just a mess. I guess the only thing we can do now is wait for other uploaders to post the same games (which doesn't happen that often) to be able to really enjoy them instead of all this bullshit.:(
I downloaded this game recently and there are 3 files in this game such as no dvd patch,activation patch,game exe.which should i apply to play this game?also please tell me the setting which i should apply for this game to work?
Patch V.1.05
P.S About biohrd-><-velka

Patch for V.1.05


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the patch which you gave me is not working,it shows me the error file can't be found after applying this patch.
can you please tell me the steps to install this game and make it playable?
Hi, sorry my mistake, i run this game 2-3 year ago (just forgot about patch). Right, Patch i add for full game + DLC, how i remember now, and because i not remember someone Upload DLC it not work.
Just use keygen it work always.

0; Need WinXpJp to Run Game or maybe it work on Win7-10 x86 i have only x64.
1; Install game
3a; run keygen ego_kgen.exe
3b; Choice Tokino.exe
4; run game Tokino.exe
5a; Enter first key
5b; Choice second Code enter page
5c; enter second key
6; Profit


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