[Ongoing] [宗我部としのり] ヤンキーJKクズハナちゃん 第01-20巻まで H度★★★☆☆


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Jan 1, 2017

[Author] Title:[宗我部としのり] ヤンキーJKクズハナちゃん 第01巻
File Size: 107mb
File Number: 198

Type: Original MANGA
Language: JAPANESE
Format: JPG

男女比率1対359!! 359人の女子高生にいじられまくり!! つらたんハーレム学園ラブコメ!! コワかわ最強ヒロイン爆誕!! 四方八方ギャルだらけな県立茂手城高校に入学した黒一点・早乙女穂高は、ヤンキーJK・九頭竜華子にピンチを救われて…!?



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The Katfile links for [宗我部としのり] ヤンキーJKクズハナちゃん第04-06巻 isn't working anymore.😥 Can you fix those links to make them work again? Thank you very much! :smile:
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The Katfile link for [宗我部としのり] ヤンキーJKクズハナちゃん第14巻 isn't working anymore when I tried to download it today. 😥 Can you fix it with a new link? Thank you very much! :smile:

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