[Japanese] 【100503】[エロゲーム][ORCSOFT] 愛妻日記


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Sep 30, 2011
愛妻日記Aisai Nikki


Release / 販売日 - 2010年03月05日
Company / ブランド名 - ORCSOFT
Password / パスワード - biohrd



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thanks for sharing biohrd. anyone know how to play this game because it does not have walkthrough.
Isn't it just another one of those visual novels where you have to make choices to see different endings? this kind of games don't need a walkthrough, usually just making different choices from your first playthrough should be more than enough to clear the game with all the CGs.
Thanks heromaniac clarify the doubt, while I want to play this game and have never found a walkthrough did not dare to play and I've always played games that have walkthrough, greetings.
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You're welcome buddy, there was a time when I used to do the same as you but it was only with RPGs (like Wild Arms or Xenosaga) to discover the secret bosses and everything...
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thanks for sharing biohrd. anyone know how to play this game because it does not have walkthrough.
There are 3 bars: lust, love, loneliness

Lust increases with sexual acts
Love increases with couple time
Loneliness increases with work

There are also some other ways to affect the bars. Ex: when there's a news report about a molester or rapist, one choice leads to a fantasy of Sanae being violated.

Some typical combinations will lead to endings: lust with love, lust without love, and something involving loneliness.

Read the text with AGTH / some text hooker and a translation engine like Atlas. It's not too hard to play, there's a lot of choices so I don't know if there's a true walkthrough out there, but it's pretty fun either way. You should be able to unlock pretty much everything without too much effort.
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how to make this bastard hook maker games?
how to make this bastard hook maker games?
I don't really play the because they're too tiring on the hands. Usually ITH works fine for most titles I've tried. The main problem is usually too much text being buffered while the game is waiting for player input, like in battles.

There are some advanced AGTH tutorials if you want to give finding the address offset a go:

It's a bit involved. Don't have much experience with it.

Here's a forum that includes links to some partial / complete RPG Maker game translations:

If you haven't come across this previously, try taking a look. Might be a long shot, but maybe it covers something you're looking for.

Or you might find some tips for AGTH. Like this:
Pretty generic but I'm sure other, more advanced derivatives exist that could be helpful.

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