[Hentai game] ❀velka Bought Game❀ [181130] [裸足少女] 緋奈沢智花の絶対女王政 + Tokuten [H-Game]

i keep getting this error . game only for japan how do i get through this error?i already change my locale to japan tho and other game works fine help please

You need to click no twice to run the game.Both the disc 1 and disc 2 need to be mounted to run the game first time.
I can't seem to install this game when they keep asking me for DISC 2. I mounted DISC 2 alr
ah nvm i found a solution for the instalation,do you have any idea to start the game?it says this game is for japanese only.I already set my system unicode and local region to jp but still no luck,its fine for the other games but for this i dunno.Any help?

how do you solve the installation problem bcoz i'm having the same problem as you where it still keep asking the disk 2

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