1. [Request][あるみかん] レミリア,魔理沙,マミさん

    [Request][あるみかん] レミリア,魔理沙,マミさん

    Touhou project/東方Project: 2021年6月分 その2 レミリアの触手もの 03:レミリアの触手もの 03 完全版 300円コース(300円)- The above ova is not in...
  2. Murakumo

    Japanese Speaking Style: "-da ze" ???

    I sometimes encounter certain casual-speaking anime/manga characters add "-da ze" (da-ze) at the end of their sentences . I also prominently see Touhou's Marisa add "da-ze" at the end of her sentences. What does this "-da ze" indicate specifically and when is it used plus by who?