1. [Album] Nana Mizuki - Great Activity (2007.11.14/Flac/RAR)

    [PV] [Album] Nana Mizuki - Great Activity (2007.11.14/Flac/RAR)

    • 511.62 MB :: flac • bitrate: min 899 Kbps / max 1131 Kbps 01. Bring it on! 02. Orchestral Fantasia 03. Promise on Christmas 04. Massive Wonders 05. Take a Chance 06. ファーストカレンダー 07. ラストシーン 08. Seven 09. アオイイロ 10. Try Again 11. Secret Ambition 12. Nostalgia 13. Heart-Shaped Chant 14. Chronicle...
  2. E

    Not a Bug Activity bar is broken

    Greetings, I've been trying to get the overdrive achievement for a while now, but I can't get past 99,5% for a week or maybe even more now. First I thought that maybe I need to have Activity last 7/30 days also near 100% to get thru but now all of them are stuck. The overall activity no matter...
  3. Hideki

    Pass the bomb.... [FUN] xD

    Rules: here you should simply say another members name at the same time you have a look on the bombs timer. When the timer reaches 0 its the player that lost who decides timer stats (between 23-64) should be good... so just keep the bomb bouncing between members and go!!! Bombs fuse this time: