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    [Japanese] 甘えむっ♪~おかあさんのかぞくけいかく~ requesttttttttttttttttt xddddddd

    Here is the download link for this game
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    [Japanese] [Empress] CLEAVAGE [386 mb]

    According to this link ( rapidgator link still working.Try opening the link in incognito or private browser mode
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    [Japanese] [Empress] CLEAVAGE [386 mb]

    you can use the rapidgator link
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    [Japanese] [2014/08/29] 月に寄りそう乙女の作法 アペンドディスク / Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou - Append Disk

    Hi, 月に寄りそう乙女の作法 -FullVoice Edition- (
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    [Japanese] ★ 自炊 Own Bought Game ★ [150904][WAFFLE] 完全時間停止 ~無理やり時間を止められた世界でハメられる女たち~ [3704M] (Label Included)

    Hi, here is the link!RABnARTK!nu4BY-5DBNTHyu-vrFcdng Decryption key=!nu4BY-5DBNTHyu-vrFcdng extraction password=Radiata僅分享於伊莉論壇
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    [Japanese] [Empress] CLEAVAGE [386 mb]

    Hi, here is the link
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    [Japanese] 【032811】[エロゲーム][CLOCKUP] プレゼンス PRESENCE

    Hi, use this thread
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    [Japanese] [アイル【チーム・TATU】] 桜のしずく

    @4yvak Nevermind,I found a solution to play this game.Thanks for re-uploading this game
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    [Japanese] [アイル【チーム・TATU】] 桜のしずく

    @4yvak Thanks for uploading this game but when I mount the game it gives me a cd check in error.I tried using daemon tools,ultra iso premium,virtual clone drive in windows xp,7,8 and it gives me the same result.Can you please tell me how to bypass the error?
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    [Japanese] [アイル【チーム・TATU】] 桜のしずく

    All links are dead.Please reupload this game in rapidgator/uploaded links
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    [Japanese] [070727][BLUEGALE] えろすまっしゅ!Ero Sumasshi ! 2.20GB

    Here is the link
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    [Japanese] [090123][Studio e.go!] トキノ戦華

    Thanks,I got the game running following your instructions
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    [Japanese] [090123][Studio e.go!] トキノ戦華

    hi, can you please tell me how to install this game?there are 3 folders and i dont know what to do with these 3 folders?
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    [Japanese] *R* 【092301】[エロゲーム][Studio e・go! ] トキノ戦華

    @4yvak the patch which you gave me is not working,it shows me the error file can't be found after applying this patch. can you please tell me the steps to install this game and make it playable?