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  1. saimin_fan

    Corruption games (also brainwashing,mindcontrol)

    yes the very same, many of his works have been adapted already to hentai anime and ero visual novel.
  2. saimin_fan

    Corruption games (also brainwashing,mindcontrol)

    Yorokobe shounen. Good New year's end news for us Saimin fans: New Saimin Game : 催眠性指導
  3. [Request][げーせん18] 三極姫2 ~天地大乱・乱世に煌く新たな覇龍~

    [Request][げーせん18] 三極姫2 ~天地大乱・乱世に煌く新たな覇龍~

    Original Title: 三極姫2 ~天地大乱・乱世に煌く新たな覇龍~ Romaji: Sangoku Hime 2 ~Tenchi Tairan Ransei ni Kirameku Arata na Haryuu~ Release Date: 2012-07-27 Company: Gesen 18 Getchu link: VNDB link: Found in a blog that this game contains mind...
  4. saimin_fan

    [Japanese] [120727] [unicorn-a / げーせん18] 三極姫2~天地大乱・乱世に煌く新たな覇龍~ 豪華限定版

    Can you please reupload, all the links on this site for this game are dead and i think you reuploaded the 2 DLC for this game a couple of months ago but i'm missing the main game.
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    [Japanese] [220729] [TinkerBell] 夢幻のさくら2 初回版 + Maxi Single [H-Game] [Crack]

    90% of the cases are always false positives, the .exe file cracks are basically circumventing the DRM security and operating similar to viruses that's why your antivirus software is detecting it as a threat, but always keep vigilance of what files you execute and the effects on your OS...
  6. saimin_fan

    [Japanese] [220729] [TinkerBell] 夢幻のさくら2 初回版 + Maxi Single [H-Game] [Crack]

    Can you please explain exactly what you did, i downloaded the 2 trials from getchu and put the sakura2.exe in the install folder and now the game crashes immediately with the same error from either of the .exe trials, can you elaborate.
  7. saimin_fan

    [Japanese] [220729] [TinkerBell] 夢幻のさくら2 初回版 + Maxi Single [H-Game] [Crack]

    Nop sorry not working i've tried every posible combination and it crashes everytime maybe because i'm using windows 7 i don't know ....
  8. saimin_fan

    [Japanese] [220729] [TinkerBell] 夢幻のさくら2 初回版 + Maxi Single [H-Game] [Crack]

    It's not working or i'm not properly understanding this method. This is what i'm doing 1. Install Game. 2. Copy Crack Files to game Folder (4 Arc.dat Files and 1 sakura2.exe) 3. Run sakura2.exe 4. Game crashes in the first scene with the pink haired girl everytime. --Now a follow your...
  9. Rane Crisis Series

    Rane Crisis Series

    Comment: The last request i made i thought it was the game collection for this series but it was just a compilation of scenes. I like to request the whole series please. Original Title: Rane Crisis~天才軍師少女コスプレえっち~ Romaji: Rane Crisis ~Tensai Gunshi Shoujo Cosplay Ecchi~ Release Date: 2012-01-21...
  10. More hypno and mind control games

    More hypno and mind control games

    Original Title: Rane Crisis~総集編~ Romaji: Rane Crisis ~Soushuuhen~ Release Date: 2012-01-28 Company: Sky Walk DLSite: VNDB: Original Title: WORM Romaji: WORM Release Date: 2000-09-29 Company: REALDEAL VNDB...
  11. Old mind control games

    Old mind control games

    Original Title: 操淫人形 ~女学生を操る男~ Romaji: Souin Ningyou ~Jogakusei o Ayatsuru Otoko~ Release Date: 2008-03-21 Company: Eroro Getchu: VNDB: Original Title: Minority hearts6~催眠寝取られ~ Romaji: Minority hearts 6 ~Saimin Netorare~...
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    [Request] [Sukaradog(スカラドギ)] 白濁クダサイ(してください)

    Thanks, no problem i always use Windows 7 for my Games.
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    [Request] [Sukaradog(スカラドギ)] 白濁クダサイ(してください)

    i don't mind the DRM can you upload the game please...
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    [Request]ペロペロサイミン 裸王伝4~催眠神拳伝承者の道~
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    [Request] ペロペロサイミン 裸王伝3 ~妖星の策略~
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    [Request] ゴニン!? ~ピタリと的中!強制占い♪~
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    [Request] 催眠、好きですよね?~アイドルだって発情させます~
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    [Request] 催眠家族 ~催眠最高!発情させたら、ギクシャクしていた家族関係もこんなに円満になりました~