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  1. Shinxii

    New Here

    welcome to AS zero ^^ have a nice time spamming here drop by at the spamming section sometime <<<<<recruiting spammer XDDD
  2. Shinxii

    Howdy y'all

    nice another person from malaysia ^^ welcome to AS Alexsu
  3. Shinxii

    Glad to be here

    welcome to AS Shitotaku
  4. Shinxii

    Wassup XDD

    here the link
  5. Shinxii

    Wassup XDD

    thanks i just crop it from a wallpaper
  6. Shinxii

    hi everyone

    hi maxima welsome to AS ^^
  7. Shinxii

    Wassup XDD

    thanks everyone ^^ @nemuru - hehe maybe i drop by and spam there
  8. Shinxii

    Wassup XDD

    thanks AntiClimax
  9. Shinxii

    Wassup XDD

    hi im new here and i love this place already you might see me lurking around here alot since i do that a lot hahaha :059: