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  1. [Request] [atelier773] まんけん!アイ!マイ!ガールズ [RJ071901]

    [Request] [atelier773] まんけん!アイ!マイ!ガールズ [RJ071901]

    Title: まんけん!アイ!マイ!ガールズ Released Date: 2011/01/07 Company: 773 (atelier773) Dlsite link:
  2. [Request] 東方地鎮祭Justice (RJ103293)

    [Request] 東方地鎮祭Justice (RJ103293)

    Title: 東方地鎮祭Justice Release Date: 2012/10/06 Circle: しるふ・わーくす Dlsite link:
  3. [Request] 萌しむ ベルリンは萌えているか!? (RJ039438)

    [Request] 萌しむ ベルリンは萌えているか!? (RJ039438)

    Title: 萌しむ ベルリンは萌えているか!? Release Date: 2008/05/25 Circle: しるふ・わーくす Dlsite link:
  4. [Request] 東方逢縁譚 (RJ112399)

    [Request] 東方逢縁譚 (RJ112399)

    Title: 東方逢縁譚 Release Date: 2013/03/16 Circle: とぅるてぃまどきゅーん! Dlsite link:
  5. [Request] よつどもえ (RJ188085)

    [Request] よつどもえ (RJ188085)

    Title: よつどもえ Release Date: 2016/11/04 Circle: 活動漫画屋 Dlsite link:
  6. [Request] DEAD END JUNCTION (RJ127684)

    [Request] DEAD END JUNCTION (RJ127684)

    Title: DEAD END JUNCTION Release Date: 2014/01/05 Circle: 773 Dlsite link: *This should be the Japanese version, not the English one.
  7. [Request] 魔法少女ミラクル☆こちや (RJ148033)

    [Request] 魔法少女ミラクル☆こちや (RJ148033)

    Title: 魔法少女ミラクル☆こちや Release Date: 2015/01/09 Circle: 月光プロダクツ Dlsite link:
  8. [Request] 与神相伴的末日 (RJ353401)

    [Request] 与神相伴的末日 (RJ353401)

    Title: 与神相伴的末日 Release Date: 2021/11/02 Circle: 琉璃花糖制作组 Dlsite link:
  9. [Request] LilyDeux 警告の黒き百合 (RJ279020)

    [Request] LilyDeux 警告の黒き百合 (RJ279020)

    Title: LilyDeux 警告の黒き百合 Release Date: 2020/02/23 Company: disfact Dlsite link:
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    [Request] [atelier773] まんけん! [RJ062789]

    Still nothing for this one, can anyone help?
  11. [Request] ストプリ-Striker Princess- (RJ234404)

    [Request] ストプリ-Striker Princess- (RJ234404)

    Title: ストプリ-Striker Princess- Release Date: 2018/10/30 Circle: C.C.amu Dlsite link:
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    [Request] [ちんちらソフトハウス] PR○CURE-ACT [RJ063033]

    Anyone got this one? Still haven't found it.
  13. [Request] コンフリクトガール (RJ294560)

    [Request] コンフリクトガール (RJ294560)

    Title: コンフリクトガール Release Date: 2020/12/26 Circle: ミラーイメージ Dlsite link:
  14. [Request] 虚夢の乙女 (RJ174822)

    [Request] 虚夢の乙女 (RJ174822)

    Title: 虚夢の乙女 Release Date: 2016/04/14 Circle: Artesneit Dlsite link:
  15. [Request] アストロメイデン/アポストロ (RJ193715)

    [Request] アストロメイデン/アポストロ (RJ193715)

    Title: アストロメイデン/アポストロ Release Date: 2017/02/17 Company: TORaIKI Dlsite link:
  16. [Request] 不思議の幻想郷CHRONICLE -クロニクル- (RJ132392)

    [Request] 不思議の幻想郷CHRONICLE -クロニクル- (RJ132392)

    Title: 不思議の幻想郷CHRONICLE -クロニクル- Release Date: 2014/04/04 Circle: AQUA STYLE Dlsite link:
  17. [Request] シークレット・レター (RJ350705)

    [Request] シークレット・レター (RJ350705)

    Title: シークレット・レター Release Date: 2021/10/16 Circle: Good Luck Dlsite link:
  18. [Request] [atelier773] まんけん! [RJ062789]

    [Request] [atelier773] まんけん! [RJ062789]

    Original Title: まんけん! Romaji: Manken! Released Date: 2010/07/04 Company: 773 (atelier773) Dlsite link: Vndb link:
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    [REQUEST] 全ての恋に、花束を。

    I'm also looking for this game, you still can't find it online.
  20. [Request] [ちんちらソフトハウス] PR○CURE-ACT [RJ063033]

    [Request] [ちんちらソフトハウス] PR○CURE-ACT [RJ063033]

    Original Title: PR○CURE-ACT Released Date: 2010年06月02日 Company, Producer: ちんちらソフトハウス Dlsite link: