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  1. Shinxii

    Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

  2. Shinxii


    nice explanation on the VN i been planning to play that since its already translated
  3. Shinxii

    The best Anime Movie

    i agree its was epic
  4. Shinxii


    hehe forgot to put it
  5. Shinxii

    Koe De Oshigoto OVA

    this is a masterpiece XDDD i loved it
  6. Shinxii

    Dubbed vs Undubbed?

    to me dubbed anime just sound weird anime have to be in japanese and the only dubbed anime i watch is GTO
  7. Shinxii

    Angel Beats! songs, which one is your favourite!?

    why alchemy is not in the poll its a great song