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  1. Ryuji


    Hello dear new user :) I'm glad to inform you , that you are very welcome here in to AS family :) I wish you to enjoy your time here with us. We are waiting you at the spam section where it is almost all the fun. See you around :). Observer... What happen this time :) Perp! is not...
  2. Ryuji

    Hello everyone from Michigan USA

    Hello, Welcome to AS community Mr. Wasabihead :) Wiss you to enjoy your time around here with us. We are waiting you to the spam section where it's fun. See you around :)
  3. Ryuji

    Hello x3

    te-he-he-he Hello There Lupe :) and welcome to AS :) If none told you , We are waiting you to the Spam section. There is almost all the fun. Pleased to meet you by the way :) Wishing you to enjoy your time around us ;)
  4. Ryuji

    new comer

    Hello ;) Welcome to AS Edy. You are welcome to Spam section where it's fun :)
  5. Ryuji

    Hail from the Backwoods!

    Welcome around us. :) Hello and enjoy your stay here. :) You are welcome to the Spam section too :) there it is all the fun :) /// most of it :P
  6. Ryuji


    Hia :) Welcome to AS and enjoy your stay here Nagisa :)
  7. Ryuji


    Welcome to AS :) Hi. P.S. Enjoy your time here.
  8. Ryuji

    Hi everyone.

    Te-he-he-he... Hia and welcome to AS :) hope you enjoy your time here .
  9. Ryuji

    Thanks for having me.

    Hya and welcome to AS :) Enjoy your time here :)
  10. Ryuji

    Pleasure to meet you o(≧∇≦o)(o≧∇≦)o

    Welcome to AS BasCelik. Wish you to enjoy your time here around us and with us :)
  11. Ryuji


    Hello ^^ and welcome to AS faceless wish you to enjoy your time here with us :) YOu are the same as me... i can eat how much i want/ can... "Food glories food we are happy to try it" from Ice Age
  12. Ryuji

    Doomo Anime Lovers!!

    Welcome to AS :) Kyo Hajime mashite Enjoy your time here :) See you around :)
  13. Ryuji

    ohayo gozaimasu

    i did bad writing male there it was better if i put " gentelman" from the frist time. but there was only male or female... te-he-he Thanks by the way..
  14. Ryuji

    Hello everyone :DD

    "Q. What's your opinion between the differences of Cartoons and Anime? Ones pokemon and the others Bleach right?" lol Welcome to AS , Ikaros.Wish you to have a good time around us :)
  15. Ryuji

    ohayo gozaimasu

    First i want to thank you all for the warm welcome . :) Second i hope i can enjoy my time here :) --Example : spam section: :) i saw /// and there are lot's of funny things... and i quote : "addam family between your leegs" lol... no comment. :)
  16. Ryuji


    nice blog. :) Keep it up with the good work. :) maybe late it will be more than just a simple blog :)
  17. Ryuji

    ohayo gozaimasu

    Hya. I'm Ryuji. Real name being Beny. Q. How did you come up with that username? I got it as a nick name from when i was in school Q. Are you Male or Female? lol male :)GENTELMAN te-he-he :P :P :P Q. What are the anime/s you're watching now? and what are you favorites? lot's of them. Q. Do you...