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  1. Ryuji

    [Article] Learning Japanese through Visual Novels

    Nice and interesting Blog Aeru-sempai. What i cant say. Keep it up :rolleyes:
  2. Ryuji

    [Lesson] -Katakana(片仮名)- Japanese syllabary katakana. ( Audio pronunciation! ) Hope it uses to someone :)
  3. Ryuji

    [Lesson] -Hiragana(平仮名)-

    Re: [Lesson] -Hiragana(平仮名)- Japanese syllabary Hiragana ( Audio pronunciation!) Hope it uses to someone. xD
  4. Ryuji

    [Lesson] Sentence Structures #1 Here a Link with some basic lessons . Hope it's going to help someone soon or later :)
  5. Ryuji

    Phrase or Word Translation : Japanese <==> English

    i'm not sure 100% but those two have some errors too...i used them once too and i got some spelling errors... ( i don't know but i thine there are more errors like when you try to translate a phrase, you will get a mess. only 60 % form what you waned to write are good ) Now i use dictionary. i...
  6. Ryuji

    [Lesson] -Katakana(片仮名)-

    どうも ありがとうございます。
  7. Ryuji

    [Lesson] -Hiragana(平仮名)-

    Thanks for the table :) i searched too and i could not find it... exactly like this... it was a mess...
  8. Ryuji

    [Lesson] Sentence Structures #1

    Thanks. Nice introduction :) Ill be waiting more interesting lessons