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    [Japanese] [191226][たのしいたけ] 布教戦争~私は絶対に負けません~

    Could you reupload? The usable links are all dead.
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    [Japanese] ✨Shine✨[231223][クララソープ] 淫らな人妻カリナ(27) [RJ01133345]

    Several images have gibberish titles and don't load properly. Game is completely unplayable.
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    [Japanese] [220630][苦悩の☆] エンジェルホワイトアクア (Ver1.1) [RJ397004]

    Re: [220630][苦悩の☆] エンジェルホワイトアクア [RJ397004] There are some img files (with names that are originally in Japanese) in there that don't show properly and cause the game to freeze. Fix possible? Update: it's not just those 2 image files. There are a bunch of audio bgs files either missing or...
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    [Japanese] [150209][ONEONE1] MATRON ―監獄島の巨乳女看守― Ver 1.02

    I appreciate the mega links. However, all the files have been deleted. Could you reupload?