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  1. Koinkun

    Hi there!

    I may be a little late on this... But there's many English VNs I can recommend ^-^. VN choice is mostly taste, as I myself much enjoy the slice-of-life / comedy / school-life genre's, others may like more action/romance/fantasy. Though I'm not particularly too picky. Just a few I would...
  2. Koinkun

    Hi there!

    Welcome MrTwitch Ice cream cake is win ^-^ Now when you say "hentai and doujins" would you happen to also be referring to visual novels like Yume Miru Kusuri and Ever17, or just video hentai?? If you are into VN games there is much we can talk about =D
  3. Koinkun

    hey ;)

    Welcome Zane, hope you have fun and find everything you need here ^_^
  4. Koinkun


    New female member with interest in hentai and story-writing.... Attention from single male members of this forum: 100%. lmao xP
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    lol, this I know baka, though you have 13% more activity and 5836+ posts to go before overthrowing Sam xP (Yes I used calc.exe, what of it?? >.<)
  6. Koinkun


    Whaaaaat??? O.o Well... the reference was kind of pointless then -.-' Original song is about one telling the other he is a person who has sexual contact with the brother of a parent and/or guardian (an uncle-f***er xP)
  7. Koinkun


    Slow your goddamn fingers forum spammerrrrrr, your a fast-typing speed-posting forum spammerrrrr You spam this forum yes its true, nobody spams forums quite like you Slow your goddamn fingers forum spammerrrrrr, your the one who spams this forum, forum spammerrrr You don't eat or sleep or mow...
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    Guarenteed new forum posts every minute that Sam is awake O.o
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    Each one of the bullets Kanade deflects in your sig is another post your making xP
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    Ahh, there's a game I haven't heard mentioned in a while, really should start playin that again after 2 years of not logging in xP Anyways welcome moyoyi, our female/male ratio is now slightly more even (though still nowhere NEAR even xP) Feel free to roam, derp around, spam where appropriate...
  11. Koinkun

    Hi. I'm new ^_^

    Ah, welcome to AS =3. Our male/female ratio here is now slightly more equal (still not anywhere close tho xD) Hope you have fun here, enjoy the forum Samyeung = Knight of the Spam section, youll see him alot xP
  12. Koinkun

    Ohayo mina san !

    Hey there, welcome to the forums, hope you find everything u need and have fun here ^-^
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    Spam section has the most user activity, so most of your conversation, whether they contain a point or not, happen there xP. Plus its fun to mess around in all the spam games/topics. Its also an easy place to raise your post count xP.
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    My, don't you seem a bit spazzy xP lol, its interesting, looking forward to having you with us, have fun and hope you find everything you need here ^-^
  15. Koinkun

    Hello there

    Seems we are getting alot of HongFire rebound lately O.o Welcome, have fun, and hope u find everything u need here xP
  16. Koinkun

    24 Days late but Hellos everyone XD

    Should change that user title from "Apprentice ninja" to "Spam section overlord" xP Anyways welcome, though saying that now seems kinda odd since u joined a while ago xD
  17. Koinkun

    My somewhat late introduction.

    I lawled xD. Should put that quote in your sig ;P.
  18. Koinkun

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome SoniBee, hope you enjoy the forums and find everything you need here =D
  19. Koinkun

    Greeting everyone!

    Hello Sanders =D I like when people post alot in their intro xP. Hope you have fun and fine everything you need here anime-related or not =3 What are yer favorite eroges? (see my user title and sig? xD)
  20. Koinkun


    Welcome, glad to have you here ^-^.