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  1. Ryuji

    What kind of stuff do you dislike?

    I dislike online stuff that need's to be paid when they can put it " FRee to Download" hehe
  2. Ryuji

    What kind of stuff do you like?

    :)) i like the new anime Sankarea :) ( go zombies go ) [ wish my future gf to be a zombie!? ] what a WIERD guy :))
  3. Ryuji

    What kind of stuff do you dislike?

    i dislike hard lvling in mmo's
  4. Ryuji

    I want to build a really good PC any advice???

    Right you have Will. For example i have to work 5-6 months to get that computer :)). And i always go fr AMD because is cheper than intel ( here in Romania ) and i think it is in other countries too. Now, how everyone say's is all about the $$$ :)) .
  5. Ryuji

    Word Association Game

    Hot.... hot hot hot hot.. :)
  6. Ryuji

    The Two Last Letters Game

  7. Ryuji

    Who Will Post Next?

    lol. Samy :) Samy next
  8. Ryuji

    [Game] 4 word story

    [Passing birds?No way. ( change the storry line ) :))] and there was so
  9. Ryuji

    Who Will Post Next?

    idk why but i was sure you gonna say that sometime soon :)) Baka next!?
  10. Ryuji

    Just stopping by to say Hi.

    Just stopping by to say Hi.
  11. Ryuji

    Keep One, Drop One

    Second meal
  12. Ryuji

    Who Will Post Next?

    wb second :) samy next
  13. Ryuji

    [Game] 4 word story

    ... was about to crash ...
  14. Ryuji

    Three-Word Chain Story

    their river's of....
  15. Ryuji

    The Middle Letter Game

    Eternity o>O
  16. Ryuji

    Word Association Game

    light :) ( there are no xmass lights :P )
  17. Ryuji

    Dont you hate it when...

    yeah... sometimes... i got one and after that i got sick... bleah... grrrrr... Don't you hate it when there is to much noise around you?
  18. Ryuji

    The opposite game

    Made in bar xD Computer
  19. Ryuji

    Ask a question and next person have to answer.

    What is What i don't get it anyway.. What's happening?
  20. Ryuji

    The time bomb game!

    1 and the next one is KABOOM