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    [Hentai game] [RPG] [P.D.creations] 機械の少女が紡いだ記憶(前編) Ver.1.00

    Heck I cant even figure out what to do after the maid.
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    [Hentai game] [ディーゼルマイン] ゆあ・すいーと・はうす ~サキュバスママと異界の館~ / [dieselmine] Your Sweet House ~Succubus Mama & Eldritch Mansion~ Ver.1.00

    Any help for getting out of the first initial mansion area? Either the game is bugged or I am missing something. After unlocking the doors there is no where to go and trying to go into the little cabin just freezes the game.
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    [Japanese] [RPG] [なぎや本舗] ショタ補完計画 | Shota completion plan (eng)

    No torrent? At that point I might as well buy the game if i have to buy a subscription to get the game "free" :c
  4. Shota completion plan (Request)

    Shota completion plan (Request)

    Circle: nagiyahonpo Title: Shota completion plan Releasae Date: May/29/2018 midnight (JST)
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    [Hentai game] [RPG] [Animism] サキュバスナイトメア / Succubus Nightmare Ver.1.02

    Hmm if i hit get this torrent uTorrent wont even show the files, any ideas? Also theres an English version now Edit: Finally showed the files but theres like 0 people seeding, I would assume that would be why the rate of...
  6. [Request] Chronicles of prey/2

    [Request] Chronicles of prey/2

    Chronicles of Prey: A Demoness Does What She Pleases 10/04/14 Furonezumi Chronicles of Prey 2 08/01/15 Foroneumi I wouldnt mind trying out the first one and the one I...
  7. Anyone know about any of these?

    Anyone know about any of these? also anything else with sex sprite animations? just random question since too tired to find some more...
  8. Sakura Dungeon

    Sakura Dungeon Anyone got a way?
  9. Sakura Dungeon

    Sakura Dungeon Just got that in my email but unfortunately all my free money is on steam so can not get this access :c Anyone have any way I could possibly play this? Itll be much better on...
  10. Rise of the Lord of Tentacles?

    Rise of the Lord of Tentacles?

    Just started playing this demo and would really love to play the full game. But Ive really been enjoying this game. Like really enjoying this game <3 Edit: Finally beat the demo after a few tries, the tentacles were a little...