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  1. [Request] [EternityLyric] ばっどえんど~脱獄淫魔と快楽倍返し~

    [Request] [EternityLyric] ばっどえんど~脱獄淫魔と快楽倍返し~

    Title: ばっどえんど~脱獄淫魔と快楽倍返し~ Circle: EternityLyric Artist: 赤羽あおり Type: CG + Illustrations Language: Japanese Parody: Original DLsite: New fifth work to the BAD END series, all other works already posted. Very much appreciated :desire:
  2. [Request] [RJ396623]【KU100】異世界勇者が後輩で巨乳サキュバスのマナに負けちゃうはずがない!【敗北勇者】

    [Request] [RJ396623]【KU100】異世界勇者が後輩で巨乳サキュバスのマナに負けちゃうはずがない!【敗北勇者】

    Title: 【KU100】異世界勇者が後輩で巨乳サキュバスのマナに負けちゃうはずがない!【敗北勇者】 Circle: SAKAE VA: Yuri Aoi Release Date: 2022.06.24 File Size: 3.5GB DLsite: