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  1. [Request][021226][Witch] てりるのクリスマスBOX

    [Request][021226][Witch] てりるのクリスマスBOX

    Title: てりるのクリスマスBOX Romaji: YTeriru no Christmas BOX Release Date: 2002-12-26 Official Site: Getchu: VNDB Link: Thanks!
  2. Tu0714

    [Request][Score] まじかるティーチャー 先生は魔女?

    ah, It's eng ver. I was happier if you upload JP ver :)
  3. Tu0714

    [Request] キミの瞳にヒットミー 追加エピソードパッチ

    thank you, but no extra episode included...
  4. [REQUEST]雪の夜、俺は妹を裸にする。 予約特典(Digital Art)

    [REQUEST]雪の夜、俺は妹を裸にする。 予約特典(Digital Art)

    ...Suru. Release Date: 2019-07-26 Company, Producer: Ham Ham Soft VNDB link: I have a PASS but not ID as pressed on DL card. Anyone tell me ID? when you tell me, I share digital contents. *note I've already got a main...
  5. Tu0714


    You saved my mind...thanks
  6. [Request]はじめてのおてつだい


    Original Title: はじめてのおてつだい Released Date: 2007/07/13 Company, Producer: Studio Ring VNDB link: Official web site: Both Original and Renewal are OK. I need this for world peace.
  7. Tu0714

    [REQUEST] カフェ・エハーブル ~Black version~

    Thanks! I bought white one, so completed
  8. [REQUEST] カフェ・エハーブル ~Black version~

    [REQUEST] カフェ・エハーブル ~Black version~

    Original Title: カフェ・エハーブル ~Black version~ Released Date: 2007/07/13 Company, Producer: ぱすてるそふと VNDB link: Official web site: I only have white ver, so need it!
  9. Tu0714


    bump I'm hesitate to buy this, over 250 dollars game :P
  10. Tu0714

    [REQUEST] 水夏 ~SUIKAおー・157章~

    Thanks for upload!
  11. [REQUEST] 水夏 ~SUIKAおー・157章~

    [REQUEST] 水夏 ~SUIKAおー・157章~

    Original Title: 水夏 ~SUIKAおー・157章~ Released Date: 2003/07/25 Company, Producer: CIRCUS VNDB link: Official web site: --- It's time to play
  12. Tu0714

    [Request] 魔法戦士レムティアナイツ2 DLCS

    Bump up! I bought Pre-Order DLCs :D
  13. [Request] 魔法戦士レムティアナイツ2 DLCS

    [Request] 魔法戦士レムティアナイツ2 DLCS

    ...Offician web site: I found and saw the serial code might be "L2******"(6characters) so anyone try and share DLCs? URL are below: Triangle「魔法戦士レムティアナイツ2」公式通販特典DLC デジタルコンテンツ・ボイスドラマ 「魔法戦士のドキドキ健康診断」...
  14. Tu0714

    [Request] [Sukaradog(スカラドギ)] 白濁クダサイ(してください)

    OK, but It often stops at Win10......
  15. [Request] Making*Lovers 激イチャアフターストーリー HD Ver (not normal ver)

    [Request] Making*Lovers 激イチャアフターストーリー HD Ver (not normal ver)

    Original Title: Making*Lovers 激イチャアフターストーリー HD Ver Romaji: Making * Lovers: Geki Icha After Story HD Ver Release Date: 2021/06/25 Company, Producer: SMEE Getchu link: the VNDB link: I checked Making * Lovers HD Ver but any files...