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  1. Tu0714

    [Japanese] [200925][ensemble] ensemble anniversary お嬢様シリーズ10本セット

    I forgot these games needs crack! someone crack them......
  2. Tu0714

    [Japanese] [2009][Yuzusoft] Tenshin Ranman Lucky or Unlucky!?(天神乱漫 LUCKY or UNLUCKY!?) [Music CDx2]

    thanks, but it is not "lucky or unlucky" but "Happy Go lucky" all ages ver
  3. Tu0714

    [Japanese] [New Release][220624][最果てスタジオ] いもおか 〜母性ロリ近親相姦ハーレムADV~ [2742M] [RJ297317]

    thanks! So i shared naked patchいもおか裸パッチ.zip.html
  4. Tu0714

    [Japanese] [961025][Lunar Soft] 遥の空 ~激闘麻雀大会編~

    Thanks, but wrong files uploaded, it seems like Vintage2
  5. Tu0714

    [Japanese] [171124] [あかべぇそふとすりぃ] まほxろば -Witches spiritual home- + Clothes Transparent Patch + Drama CD + Manual

    Re: ❀ NEW ❀ [171124] [あかべぇそふとすりぃ] まほ×ろば -Witches spiritual home- + Clothes Transparent Patch + Drama CD + Manual can you reupload rapi part5?
  6. Tu0714

    [Japanese] [220325] [Triangle] Triangle Complete Disc 7 + Tokuten Disk [H-Game]

    yeah, same incident happened. that's sad
  7. Tu0714

    [Japanese] [2002-09-20][Angel Smile] しすこん~妹魂~

    Thanks for sharing. But the other game,"[150903][RJ160012][家庭菜園] しすこん! -Sister Compact-", ware uploaded at rapi
  8. Tu0714

    [Japanese] [140926] [unicorn-a/げーせん18] 天極姫 ~新世大乱・双界の覇者達~+ Update (NoDVD Patch)

    Thank you! But I want cracked exe file, sorry for my poor english
  9. Tu0714

    [Japanese] [New Release][211126][Triangle] 魔法戦士レムティアナイツ2 -こわれゆく世界の女神たち- パッケージ版 [1684M] (Serial Number 2DJ6661G)

    Re: [New Release][211126][Triangle] 魔法戦士レムティアナイツ2 -こわれゆく世界の女神たち- パッケージ版 [1684M] replace exe to trial ver DL here
  10. Tu0714

    [Japanese] [211029] [Whirlpool] けもの道☆ガーリッシュスクエア + Bonus [H-Game]

    thank you! It will works but I need PKG ver cause We can easily use update with it......
  11. Tu0714

    [Japanese] [211029] [Whirlpool] けもの道☆ガーリッシュスクエア + Bonus [H-Game]

    Anyone know Serial code? I used DLver Crack but it not works.
  12. Tu0714

    [Japanese] [VARIETA] 剣・魔・凌・辱

    you can download here
  13. Tu0714

    [Japanese] [031128][Lilith Soft] ラブラブHメイド

    You can get here(if you need JPN ver, just remove patch.xp3)
  14. Tu0714

    [Japanese] [200123][アリス☆メイド] アソビメ [RJ270768]

    Thanks for sharing, but rar file needs password and exe non-crack
  15. Tu0714

    [Japanese] [001006][TinkerBell] 封魔神社

    I wonder if its only one month or permanent license? If the latter, I stop share games to make space for others as I share over 10 games ;) ----- Oops, Sorry I must ask to the Administrater of H-Suki...
  16. Tu0714

    [Japanese] [2002/12/13] A.A.A.(スリーエー) / A.A.A.(Three A)

    Regrettably, I wanna but don't have DRMBuster, so don't know how to run this game... I hope someone help you :)