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  1. Gothicat

    [REQUEST] Beyond Eden: Dear Edward

    Also requesting this.
  2. Gothicat

    noob here halp

    So you can get an idea how it works, here's a quick and dirty sketch I did using perspective with one simple vainishing point. Keep in mind that this is a very simplified version, you need way more guidelines than that and I didn't even make the guidelines that good. But you get the basic idea...
  3. Gothicat

    noob here halp

    If you're using the 30 second exercise, you're not supposed to even use guidelines. Just draw it as you see it, proportion is not really the point, although they will naturally get better as you go along. If you can draw even the pose of the hand in that time, then you've become really good. The...
  4. Gothicat

    noob here halp

    If you're shading, you might want to consider using charcoal. I find it faster than pencil and you can achieve darker tones with it. However, it smudges, so you need to buy a fixative and spray it after you finish. As for practice, I reccomend using the site They have a lot of...
  5. Gothicat

    How many of you guys watch old anime?

    I'm currently rewatching Sailormoon, Samurai X, the Saber Marionette series and Nightwalker. Man, I watched a lot of anime when I was young. I'll probably add the first fullmetal alchemist to that list when I finish Nightwalker. I don't have any interest at all in most of the new animes, so most...
  6. Gothicat

    First anime you ever saw!

    Either DBZ or Sailormoon, when I was at least 4 years old. Ever since then most of what I watched growing up was anime, with the occasional cartoon like PPG and the old Tom and Jerry. I actually just recently started rewatching Sailormoon and started DB Kai, with subs to see if the dubs changed...