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  1. Shinxii

    What are You Listening to right Now?

    Egoist - My Dearest
  2. Shinxii

    What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

    go back to sleep
  3. Shinxii

    CCCP and Media Player Classic Homecinema troubleshoot

    try changing the video output that do the work for me go to option>output>change the directshow video to system default
  4. Shinxii

    Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

  5. Shinxii

    Are you afraid of dying?

    i not afraid of dying but i have so much more stuff i want to do and places i want to go and also i want to do something to make people remember me when im gone
  6. Shinxii

    AS Birthday: One Year and Going Strong!

    its kinda late but grats for AS
  7. Shinxii


    nice explanation on the VN i been planning to play that since its already translated
  8. Shinxii

    The best Anime Movie

    i agree its was epic
  9. Shinxii

    Who Will Post Next?

    its me next kou
  10. Shinxii

    Describe the Person above you~

    ^keep posting and posting
  11. Shinxii

    What are You Listening to right Now?

    Matoryoshika - Nico Touches the walls
  12. Shinxii

    ~Between your legs (no dirty thoughts!! xP)

    Gosick between your legs~
  13. Shinxii

    The Two Last Letters Game

    iconic . . . .
  14. Shinxii

    The ^ < V Game

    ^ old member < real otaku XD v pervert
  15. Shinxii

    Help me to remove malware.. Help.. Please..

    use unhackme that what i use when my pc got malware
  16. Shinxii

    [LPW#6] The Honor is passed to me

    kitten is more cute <333
  17. Shinxii

    Who Will Post Next?

    got me next pryce again?
  18. Shinxii

    What are You Listening to right Now?

    YUI - It's My Life
  19. Shinxii

    The time bomb game!

    45 kills left
  20. Shinxii

    Who Will Post Next?

    its me XDDD next pryce ?