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  1. Nurti

    How can I fix this Error?

    Try installing the game under desktop or directly under C:/ and run it from there since the folder path seems way to long. Otherwise try a Virtual machine like Vmware with older OS like Windows 7.
  2. Nurti

    Help installing Brothers Conflict ENG patch

    I guess you mean the PS Vita game? Instructions are all on github regarding patching it to english, you just gotta scroll down. The files for patching can also be downloaded there...
  3. Nurti

    How can I download crunchyroll anime to my PC?

    This tool works for crunchyroll for instance.
  4. Nurti

    Switch Emulator

    Updates and DLCs are being released by the game company and usually adds stuff or fixes things. So its recommended to install them. Only thing that comes to my mind that it could affect negatively is if you´re using mods (like from nexusmods, gamebanana, etc.) which were written for base game...
  5. Nurti

    Serial Key doesn't work

    Download from here, already cracked & works: or Terabox
  6. Nurti

    1500 Error while trying to install Shinshoku Inma no Ikenie

    Game works fine for me on Windows 10 64bit. Try to download game (need register free account there) from (scroll bottom) and open the iso for example with Virtual Clone Drive, then run the exe for installation.
  7. Nurti


    It works on my browser: latest Firefox with uBlock Origin. Although I recommend if theres other filehosters to download from to use those instead.
  8. Nurti

    Help running tenshi no inai 12-gatsu/天使のいない12月

    I got no issues with the game; you probably have the CD version, just get the DVD version instead or provide link so I can look at it. Setup for DVD version: - Downloaded from h-suki dot com (need register free account) - Double click .iso file - Open explorer and navigate to your dvd...
  9. Nurti

    HELP! Videos play in some games but not other

    Yes h-suki is good for eroge. Never had issues with them. Nice that everythings working again, you might just wanna check your drives health status with something like Crystaldiskinfo or something similar:
  10. Nurti

    HELP! Videos play in some games but not other

    Blue screen doesnt sound normal if you use Windows 10, now if its Windows 11 thats a different story. I dont use codec packages myself since I didnt need them for anything so far. Games run all like they should and for videos I am using MPV. Some things that still come to my mind regarding...
  11. Nurti

    HELP! Videos play in some games but not other

    You wrote that it happened after updating Visual C++, try uninstalling all the C++ and reinstalling them all. Then restart your computer. Download Link: Afterwards it should look like this under installed...
  12. Nurti

    Help running Sengoku Tenshi Djibril

    Maybe you can try running the game in a virtual machine like vmware with windows 10 japanese iso from like archive org and look if it works then as intended.
  13. Nurti

    Help running Sengoku Tenshi Djibril

    The game runs like it should on my computer. Check the system requirements for the game: And you can try to set the game to high priority:
  14. Nurti

    a question about DVD in old games.

    You should just mount the mdf file and start the setup from the DVD/BD Drive, you´re not supposed to extract it. For instance with Virtual Clone Drive you do it like this: Right click symbol for virtual clone drive in taskbar and click on Mount. Navigate to the folder where your game files...
  15. Nurti

    help with reinstalling Inyouchuu kyou - 淫妖蟲 凶 ~凌触病棟退魔録~ - cant use install button

    You can try to set your system to Japanese locale if you havent done that yet or you can try out Locale Emulator to run the shortcut from alpharom with it. Dont know if it will work, but its worth a try.
  16. Nurti

    help with reinstalling Inyouchuu kyou - 淫妖蟲 凶 ~凌触病棟退魔録~ - cant use install button

    Seems the game thinks its still installed. Mount the iso, open the iso folder on your dvd drive by right clicking and try there to use the uninstall option with uninst.exe
  17. Nurti

    how to run eroge that only works on window xp sp3

    For mounting inside the virtual machine just use Imgdrive, for Windows XP download here. Or Virtual CloneDrive.
  18. Nurti

    how to run eroge that only works on window xp sp3

    You download a virtual machine software and run it through that. Im usually using VMware Workstation Player with VMware Tools (for being able to move files btw virtual machine and your own computers desktop) So you install that, then you go to your search engine and look for windows xp sp3 iso...
  19. Nurti

    help with installing No DVD patch and running Carnival (カーニバル)

    1. Download & Run imgdriveportable_x64.exe and install Driver 2. Drag and Drop CARNIVAL_ORANGE.cue onto the drive inside IMGDrivePortable 3. Now you open This PC folder where your harddrives are located and double click on the drive...