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    [REQUEST] [翠憐] ベスティエワルツ

    Let me bump this ancient thread. It seems like this game still hasn't appeared here.
  2. [Request] [RJ432688] [四月亭] 聖天使の試練~サキュバスをバトルファックで倒す為、天使達とセックスの訓練

    [Request] [RJ432688] [四月亭] 聖天使の試練~サキュバスをバトルファックで倒す為、天使達とセックスの訓練

    Title: 聖天使の試練~サキュバスをバトルファックで倒す為、天使達とセックスの訓練 Cirle: 四月亭 Release date: 2022-12-05 Dlsite link:
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    [Japanese] [New Release][230604][Lizard] 蝕ノ木霊 [792M] [RJ01038491]

    Hello. Can you please upload patched version? 1.00 version has gamebreaking bugs with storage.
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    [Japanese] [220827][アンズカン] 幻想淫魔の勇者狩り~貢ぎ奴隷から抜け出せない~ Ver1.02 [RJ382507]

    Hello! Can you please upload v2.01 of this game? Developers added bunch of content.
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    [Japanese] [230301][喫茶ひふみ] リアと宝石の旅 (Ver2.01) [RJ01033351]

    Hello. Could you please update to the newest version (1.09 at the moment)? From what I understood, there are few changes, including fixing some important for progression bug.
  6. [Request] [RJ01023753] 【メトロノームでシコシコ支配】催眠強制寸止めオナニー【からの…】

    [Request] [RJ01023753] 【メトロノームでシコシコ支配】催眠強制寸止めオナニー【からの…】

    Original Title:【メトロノームでシコシコ支配】催眠強制寸止めオナニー【からの…】 Release Date: 2023/02/04 Circle: 狐屋本舗 DLSite link: Thank you for you time.
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    [Japanese] [121030][ぼふぼふマット] RAMPAGE

    Hello. Can you please reupload?
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    [Japanese] [121030][ぼふぼふマット] RAMPAGE [RJ104048]

    Hi! Sorry to bother you, but game has squares instead of text. This usually happen when it unpacked from original archive under the wrong language locale. If if it is indeed what happened here, could you possibly reupload original game archive? I'll really appreciate that.
  9. [Request] [RJ378575] ダウナー妹に植え付けられた特殊性癖で未知の絶頂﹣恥辱とバブみの独占欲催眠

    [Request] [RJ378575] ダウナー妹に植え付けられた特殊性癖で未知の絶頂﹣恥辱とバブみの独占欲催眠

    Title:ダウナー妹に植え付けられた特殊性癖で未知の絶頂﹣恥辱とバブみの独占欲催眠 Circle: Hypno Story Dlsite: Link Thank you in advance!
  10. [REQUEST] ひつじのやつの怪談 第二話

    [REQUEST] ひつじのやつの怪談 第二話

    Title: ひつじのやつの怪談 第二話 Circle: ちゃむプロジェクト Release date: 2021/12/04 ------------------------ Link: Thank you in advance!
  11. [REQUEST] メイドさんの主従逆転催眠~ソフトM性感プレイ~ (RJ299335)

    [REQUEST] メイドさんの主従逆転催眠~ソフトM性感プレイ~ (RJ299335)

    Name: メイドさんの主従逆転催眠~ソフトM性感プレイ~ Release date: 2020/09/19 Link: Thank you in advance.
  12. [Request] D.C.II P.C.~ダ・カーポII~プラスコミュニケーション

    [Request] D.C.II P.C.~ダ・カーポII~プラスコミュニケーション

    Original Title: D.C.II P.C.~ダ・カーポII~プラスコミュニケーション Romaji: D.C.II P.C.~Da Capo II~ Plus Communication Release Date: 2008-12-26 Company: Circus getchu Link: VNDB Link: As far as I know, all currently uploaded versions stopped...
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    "Thirded" it. XD
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    [Request] 催眠学舎

    Second this request. Unfortunately, can't currently buy it from my country =(